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ION-B-Cu is a copper/copper sulfate reference electrode of new generation. It is dry type electrode that can be installed for all CathodicProtection application in soil and water. It is particularly intended for non-chloride environment. However, due to its ion blocking property of ceramic chamber this electrode can survive chloride attack for a decent period. Chlorides mostly originate from deicing during the winter season, and may serious impact the reference electrode stability. Due to its small dimension and small emission of content ION-B-Cu electrode is environment friendly orientated.

Selection of membrane porosity will keep electric mud soppy even in most extreme dry conditions. Dry-wetting process in soil will not impact electrode accuracy, and potential reading will stay stable.

Technical parameters:

- length: 190 mm (7,48'') x 46 mm (1.81'') diameter
- working surface: 270 squared cm
- weight with standard 5 m cable tail: 1.5 kg
- activation period: 24 h
- potential stability within 10 mV after reaching the equilibrium state
- advised current load threshold: ≤ 3 A
-temperature range 0º C do 58º C
- life time 30 years
- cable tail: standard 1x6mm2, length 5 m, otherwise upon request